Gravity Feeder Tracking Systems – What First Time Customers Need to Know

If you are a first time customer who is purchasing a vibratory feeder, then it is important to look at other supporting systems. One good option is the feeder tracks. Also known as feed accumulation tracks, these are designed to support part movement and orientation processes. If you are looking at a simple track system, the best choice would be gravity tracks.

Understanding Gravity Tracks

As the name suggests, these tracks utilize the earth’s gravity to move parts from a feeder to another orientation device, or down to the conveyor line. Generally, these systems are fitted with a sensor for starting and stopping. Gravity tracks are the ideal product for applications where parts need to be discharged at a downhill angle.

Another variation of these tracks are gravity chutes. What makes this product different from gravity tracks is that the chutes utilize back pressure, and an inclined angle to create the movement of the components.


Operational Advantages

Customers can accrue numerous benefits due to the design and operation of the gravity tracks.

  • As a part movement and orientation system, gravity tracks are known to be less costly when compared to other systems used with feeder bowls.
  • The tracks can be designed to long and winding to enable an efficient parts feed rate.
  • Parts orientation takes place as they are moving down the track.
  • Gravity tracks can be designed at angles up to 45 degrees, depending on the requirement.
  • By designing the tracks with extreme angles, parts can be moved to critical locations swiftly and efficiently.
  • Compared to other tracking systems, gravity chutes are easy in terms of operation and maintenance.
  • They can be constructed with a variety of materials, including mild, stainless, and hardened tool steel. They can also be plated with chrome or black oxide for applications where there is a likelihood of wear and tear.

These are the various advantages that you can accrue by choosing gravity tracking systems. It is important that you discuss all of your requirements with the feeder manufacturer. Take his suggestions on the best options in terms of materials, components, and electronic systems. . An effectual system will augment the efficiency of your manufacturing process.

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