Latest Innovations in Automated Elevator Systems

When we think of vertical transportation systems, we usually think of elevators that are used in our apartment buildings, offices, and malls. However, there is another type that some people may not be aware of – transportation elevators. These are automated elevator systems, designed to transport different types of materials for construction and manufacturing processes. This elevator system is just as important as commercial elevators.

Why are Automated Elevator Systems Important?

The continual expansion of cities and industrial areas has led to the construction of many large vertical structures. Different types of materials such as cement, sand, rocks, etc. need to be transported to different heights. In terms of manufacturing, many organizations utilize inclined conveyor systems in large warehouses or buildings. Both these applications will require a specialized vertical transportation to move materials from the ground level to a certain height. Elevator systems can be used to transport the materials with ease, less manpower, and within a short time span.

Magnetic Elevator

Elevator Systems – Latest Innovations

The use and popularity of automated systems among various industries has led to different types of innovations. A few examples of the same are given below.

  • In France, research is being done on solar powered elevators. The elevator will get 80% of its power from solar panels installed on the roof of the elevator. The solar panels will allow the elevator to be used even during blackouts.
  • In Germany, an engineering company is working on multi-directional elevators. The elevators will be driven by a magnetic motor, which will help it to travel vertically as well as laterally. It will be able to travel in different types of vertical and horizontal structures. This will help increase elevator efficiency while saving space.
  • A Canadian company is working on creating an inflatable elevator. It will be supported by a free-standing tower made from Kevlar and polyethylene. The elevator would have the capability to transport cargo, materials, vehicles, and even people to high platforms on towers and summits.

Elevator systems can help industries of different types become faster and more efficient. With these latest innovations, vertical transportation will take on a whole new meaning.

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