Things to Consider When Buying a Self-Dumper Hopper

Self-dumping hoppers are used for material handling operations in different industries. There are many reputed manufacturers who provide a good selection of self-dumping hoppers for waste disposal and bulk load handling. It doesn’t mean that you can buy anything without a thought. There are several factors that you need to consider before purchasing a hopper for your business. What are they? Keep on reading this post to know more.

 Factors to Consider When Buying a Self-Dumper Hopper

Some basic factors to be considered are size of the load, forklift size, frequency of use, storage space, and loading material to name a few. Apart from that, you can concentrate on the following factors as well.handlinghopper

  • Industrial Requirements: This is the prime factor for consideration. Your selection will become easier once you understand your requirements. Following are popular types of self-dumper hoppers available for purchase.
    • Heavy Duty Hoppers: These hoppers are used for heavy duty material handling such as forgings, hot ash, concrete, minerals, etc. These hoppers are ideal for applications such as scraping yards, machine shops, commercial construction houses, glass industries, etc.
    • Low Profile Hoppers: These dumpers are used for light duty loads with a large surface area. Few examples may include aluminum products, recyclables, small construction debris, and paper. Low profile hoppers are ideal for recycling plants, plastic manufacturing plants, cardboard/paper industry, etc.
    • Bulk Hoppers: These bumpers are used to handle bulky loads that standard dumpers cannot handle. Bulk hoppers are ideal for foundries, forging operations, quarrying, mining, stone, and glass fabrication.
  • Features: After determining your industrial requirements, you need to check on supporting features such as continuous stop bar, base to body chains, a secure flitch latch, structural angle rocker with trunnion pins, etc.
  • Durability: Although most self-dumper hoppers are made of durable material such as steel, look for one with a heavy-duty and box-tubed base.

The right self –dumping hopper will allow you load and unload materials effortlessly. Whether you are maintaining a facility, or relocating the material, you can make the right selection by considering the above-mentioned points.

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