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Ideal for sorting and feeding cylindrical and symmetrical parts

  • Quieter Operation and without vibration
  • Less space required
  • Gentle parts handling
  • Can handle oily parts
  • Easily customizable / Flexible tooling for minor part changes
  • Easy loading / lower profile
  • High tolerance selection of parts to required orientation


Bulk production parts are added to the hopper where they will be carried away by a combination of moving and stationary reciprocating plates, or “Steps”.

A variable drive, connected to the plates, controls the speed at which a single layer of parts indexes up to the feeder discharge.

At the discharge of the elevation, the parts will transfer onto a conveyor or vibratory inline system.

The linear section performs the high tolerance selection process of the parts to their required orientation.

The parts that aren’t oriented 100%, are returned to the feeder bin, via a gravity chute or powered conveyor, where they’ll index up the feeder once again.


Step Feeders



LH & RH models available
Std Widths: 6”, 9” & 12”

Std Heights: 16”. 24” & 32”
Plate thickness: ¼” increments


Hopper Bin: Stainless Steel
Body: Aluminum or Stainless Steel


Standard 6 week delivery available on most models.