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We support domestic and internationally built feeder systems.

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We are looking for skilled, dependable craftsmen who want to build a career at a great company. Our 60,000 square foot manufacturing facility is clean,  well stocked and all of our work stations are supplied with the latest technology. Our open positions are listed below.  We offer competitive wages Benefits for full time employees (after […]

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The Engineered Solution

Experience the difference our Engineered Solutions make for your automated feeding systems • We design engineered solutions to meet or exceed the challenges in your parts feeding automation. We work with you to develop a custom solution for your unique application. We customize each design to isolate and position parts for the next step in […]

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On-site Support

On-site Service and Support

Our technicians provide on-site service of your feeder systems.

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Ideal for sorting and feeding cylindrical and symmetrical parts

  • Quieter Operation and without vibration
  • Less space required
  • Gentle parts handling
  • Can handle oily parts
  • Easily customizable / Flexible tooling for minor part changes
  • Easy loading / lower profile
  • High tolerance selection of parts to required orientation


Bulk production parts are added to the hopper where they will be carried away by a combination of moving and stationary reciprocating plates, or “Steps”.

A variable drive, connected to the plates, controls the speed at which a single layer of parts indexes up to the feeder discharge.

At the discharge of the elevation, the parts will transfer onto a conveyor or vibratory inline system.

The linear section performs the high tolerance selection process of the parts to their required orientation.

The parts that aren’t oriented 100%, are returned to the feeder bin, via a gravity chute or powered conveyor, where they’ll index up the feeder once again.


Step Feeders



LH & RH models available
Std Widths: 6”, 9” & 12”

Std Heights: 16”. 24” & 32”
Plate thickness: ¼” increments


Hopper Bin: Stainless Steel
Body: Aluminum or Stainless Steel


Standard 6 week delivery available on most models.