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We produce medical grade feeder systems to combat COVID-19

Automated machinery is at the heart of the battle to curb COVID-19. With key medical and sanitary products in short supply, we are expediting the production of all automated feeder systems connected to these critical goods.  If you are in need of new parts feeder systems, or if you are having maintenance issues with your current feeder systems, contact us.

We service any feeder bowl system, foreign or domestically built. See more.


We specialize in custom feeding solutions for medical devices

  • Lightweight, small and odd-shaped parts
  • Handling systems for delicate parts
  • High-speed delivery systems
  • Precise orientation for accurate pickup and delivery of intricate parts
  • Medical grade and FDA approved materials
  • Automating sterile supply

A word about COVID-19 and our workforce

We are taking precautions, but we are not panicked

You are well aware that the coronavirus pandemic has had a big impact on commerce around the globe. We want to let you know how we are handling the COVID-19 outbreak as a company.

First, we have had no incidences of the virus within our workforce and hope to keep it that way. The virus has not interupted our work schedules. We are operating with a full workforce.

We have a simple, but effective rule with our employees: if you are sick, stay home. We offer medical insurance to all of our full-time employees. If they are off for three days, they must see a doctor before returning to work. If someone is showing signs of getting sick, they are sent home.

We also practice cleanliness. We have a cleaning crew that thoroughly cleans our facility both during the day and after hours each night. If you have been to our facility, you can attest to the cleanliness of the building.

Your company may have mandated a limit on the number of non-employees that can enter your building for  face-to-face interactions. We understand the precaution, but we also understand that your production must go on. If you have a breakdown with your equipment and do not have the personnel to quickly remedy the issue, contact us. We have the expertise and seasoned maintenance personnel to get your lines up and running again. You need only ask, and we’ll be there.

Even if you don’t need a service call, but could use support, call us via phone or email.

We are confident this outbreak will end within a reasonable time frame and things can get back to normal. Until then, we will take all reasonable precautions and hope your business and families are only minimally impacted by this situation.


Fortville Feeders, Inc.


Production schedules during the COVID-19 crisis