We offer a variety of Flex Feeders that are programmable, vision-based solutions that easily integrate with your robots

FlexiBowl® flexible parts feeders are designed to handle multiple, complicated parts with speed and precision

FlexiBowl® is the flexible parts feeding system for automated production lines using industrial robot or cobots. It is patented and produced by ARS S.r.l.

FlexiBowl® optimizes parts feeding by ensuring more parts are available for pick-up by the gripper in every cycle. The system improves overall feed rates, increases productivity and reduces changeover times.

Parts Size: Up to 10"
Weight: Up to .5 lbs

Simultaneous multiple parts feeders (up to 6 different parts)

  • High speed (>90 parts per minute)
  • Cleanroom certified (ISO 5)
  • Custom feed surfaces
  • Plug-ins for all major robot brands
  • Cognex integrated vision software
  • Integrated back-lighting or top-lighting
  • Simultaneous multiple parts feeding

Not sure which feeder to choose? Send us your parts and we will make a recommendation.

Parts Size: Up to 4.5"
Weight: Up to .16 lbs

110 Vac

FlexFactory® with vision systems for robotic manipulation and recognition

Perfect for small, complex and delicate parts . Handles multiple parts with no down time for changeover. Automatically recognizes and correct part orientation.

  • Integrates with your current robots and software
  • Works well with systems that have frequent parts changes
  • One button, quick-empty mechanism
  • Quick change feed plates
  • Integrated bulk storage bin
  • Gentle parts handling

Not sure which feeder to choose? Send us your parts and we will make a recommendation.

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