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Parts Feeder Sound Enclosures

Our Sound Enclosures are designed to reduce operational noise of feeder bowl systems. They also keep airborne contaminants away from parts and out of your feeder system. We build our sound enclosures with close tolerances so that dust does not filter in between panels and doors. All of our sound enclosures are modeled in 3D CAD and manufactured with a water jet for precision panels that fit tightly into place. We take the extra step of filling the extruded frame with a polymer strip to eliminate crevices where dirt can collect.

Features and Options

  • Fits standard 12-42 inch diameter feeder bowls
  • Ball-joint adjustable feet help level and eliminate movement
  • Up to 1″ sound deadening foam attached to panels are cut to the exact dimensions of each panel with no gaps
  • Base can be nickel plated or painted
  • Removable, hinged doors are easy to lift off and reassemble
  • All bowls are designed on 3D CAD. This ensures tighter fits, repeatable patterns, quick redesigns, less waste
  • Lexan windows and doors available
  • Internal lighting optional
  • Fan cooling systems optional

Standard Size Range

Fits standard 12″ to 42″ diameter feeder bowls


Dramatically reduced sound levels

Hinged doors

Lift-off doors

Poly-faced sound foam eliminates shedding


Internal lighting

Lexan windows

Fan cooled