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Problem: A manufacturer of metal components produces a conical spring and needed a feeder system that would handle bulk springs and deliver them at 140 parts per minute to their assembly station. The problem was the springs were easily tangled in bulk situations. The customer needed a way to ensure that the springs were separated, isolated and delivered at a high speed without misfeeds or clogs.

Solution: Fortville Feeders has designed many styles of highly effective separation equipment for parts like springs. In this case, Fortville’s engineers designed a two-part system to handle any tangled springs. First, the parts were sent to a compressed air separation unit. This detangled most of the parts. Next, the springs were sent to one of two tooling stations. Any parts that were still tangled were taken off line and returned to the bowl.

The final tooling station oriented and seated each spring into the track. Once in the track, the parts were fed down line to a dead nest to be handed off to the customer’s next operation.

Fortville was able to meet the customer’s need for an efficient way to detangle the parts and feed them at high speeds.